A set of entries from the unified logging system.


@interface OSLogStore : NSObject


Instances of this class represent a fixed range of entries and may be backed by a logarchive or your Mac's local store. Instances of this class are also used to create OSLogEnumerator objects. One store can support multiple OSLogEnumerator instances concurrently.


Creating Log Stores

+ storeWithURL:error:

Creates a log store based on a log archive.

+ localStoreAndReturnError:

Creates a log store representing the Mac's local store.

Accessing Position

- positionWithDate:

Returns a position representing the time specified.

- positionWithTimeIntervalSinceEnd:

Returns a position representing time since the end of the time range that the entries span.

- positionWithTimeIntervalSinceLatestBoot:

Returns a position representing time since the last boot in the series of entries.

Accessing Entries

- entriesEnumeratorAndReturnError:

Returns a log enumerator with default options for viewing the entries.

- entriesEnumeratorWithOptions:position:predicate:error:

Returns a log enumerator based on an underlying store.


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See Also

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An enumerator that can access and list log entries.