Contains the card data needed to add a card to Apple Pay.


class PKAddPaymentPassRequest : NSObject


All sensitive data must be encrypted before being assigned to this object. Because the encryption keys vary depending on the server, create PKAddPaymentPassRequest instances only when your PKAddPaymentPassViewControllerDelegate object’s addPaymentPassViewController(_:generateRequestWithCertificateChain:nonce:nonceSignature:completionHandler:) method is called. The required server certificates are provided at that time.


Creating an Add Payment Pass Request

Accessing Request Data

var activationData: Data?

The request’s activation data.

var encryptedPassData: Data?

An encrypted JSON file containing the sensitive information needed to add a card to Apple Pay.

var ephemeralPublicKey: Data?

The ephemeral public key used by elliptic curve cryptography (ECC).


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See Also

Payment Passes

class PKPaymentPass

Represents a provisioned payment card for in-app payments.

class PKLabeledValue

An object that can represent a detail about a payment card or other item.

class PKAddPaymentPassRequestConfiguration

Contains the configuration data needed to instantiate a new PKAddPaymentPassViewController object.