Displays an interface that lets users add cards to Apple Pay from within your app.


class PKAddPaymentPassViewController : UIViewController



Determining if Payment Passes Can Be Added

class func canAddPaymentPass() -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the app can add cards to Apple Pay.

Working with Add Payment View Controllers

var delegate: PKAddPaymentPassViewControllerDelegate?

The object that acts as the delegate for the add payment view controller.

protocol PKAddPaymentPassViewControllerDelegate

Methods that let the system prompt you for an add payment request, and inform you when a request has succeeded or failed.

Creating an Add-Payment-Pass View Controller

init?(requestConfiguration: PKAddPaymentPassRequestConfiguration, delegate: PKAddPaymentPassViewControllerDelegate?)

Returns an initialized add payment view controller object, using the provided configuration and delegate.

class PKAddPaymentPassRequestConfiguration

Contains the configuration data needed to instantiate a new PKAddPaymentPassViewController object.

See Also

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class PKAddPassesViewController

Lets your app show a pass and prompt the user to add that pass to the pass library.