Instance Property


The localized name for the pass’s template.


var localizedName: String { get }


The pass’s template defines the pass’s basic layout. For more information on the available templates, see Pass Style Sets the Overall Visual Appearance in Wallet Developer Guide.

See Also

Identifying a Pass

var passTypeIdentifier: String

The pass’s type identifier.

var serialNumber: String

A value that uniquely identifies the pass.

var passType: PKPassType

The pass’s type.

enum PKPassType

Types of passes.

var paymentPass: PKPaymentPass?

For passes that represent payment cards, the underlying payment pass.

var deviceName: String

The name of the device hosting the pass.

var localizedDescription: String

The pass’s localized description.

var isRemotePass: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the pass is stored on a device that is paired with the current iOS device (for example, Apple Watch).