Instance Property


The pass’s localized description.


var localizedDescription: String { get }


This property provides access to the description string from the pass’s JSON file. For more information on the JSON format, see Pass Design and Creation in Wallet Developer Guide. For information on adding localized strings to the JSON file, see Passes Support Localization in that same guide.

See Also

Identifying a Pass

var passTypeIdentifier: String

The pass’s type identifier.

var serialNumber: String

A value that uniquely identifies the pass.

var passType: PKPassType

The pass’s type.

enum PKPassType

Types of passes.

var paymentPass: PKPaymentPass?

For passes that represent payment cards, the underlying payment pass.

var deviceName: String

The name of the device hosting the pass.

var localizedName: String

The localized name for the pass’s template.

var isRemotePass: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the pass is stored on a device that is paired with the current iOS device (for example, Apple Watch).