Type Method


Prevents the iOS device from automatically displaying the Apple Pay interface.


class func requestAutomaticPassPresentationSuppression(responseHandler: @escaping (PKAutomaticPassPresentationSuppressionResult) -> Void) -> PKSuppressionRequestToken



The response handler for the request.


The success or failure of the request.

Return Value

A PKPassLibrary value representing this request. Use this token to end the suppression of Apple Pay passes.

If this feature is not supported on the device, this method fails immediately and returns a token value of 0; however, the result handler is still called.


Use this method only in apps that are required to stay in the foreground when operating near NFC or other RF readers. This method prevents the iOS device from automatically displaying the Apple Pay passes when it detects a compatible reader. This suppression occurs only while the app is in the foreground. The Apple Pay interface is automatically reenabled when the app goes to the background; however, if the app resumes, the Apple Pay interface is automatically suppressed again.

This method operates asynchronously; it schedules the request and returns immediately. The system performs the actual request on a background thread, and after the request is complete, the system calls the response handler with the result. The response handler is called on an arbitrary concurrent queue.

The first time this method is called, the system alerts the user that Apple Pay is unavailable. This alert isn’t displayed again until the app is uninstalled and reinstalled.

See Also

Suppressing Automatic Pass Presentation

class func isSuppressingAutomaticPassPresentation() -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the system is suppressing the automatic presentation of Apple Pay passes.

enum PKAutomaticPassPresentationSuppressionResult

The result of an attempt to suppress automatic pass presentation.

typealias PKSuppressionRequestToken

A token representing a request to suppress the automatic presentation of payment passes.