Keys in the PKPassLibraryDidChange user info dictionary.


struct PKPassLibraryNotificationKey


Creating a Pass Library Notification Key

init(rawValue: String)

Initialize a pass library notification key based on the provided raw value.

Notification Keys

static let addedPassesUserInfoKey: PKPassLibraryNotificationKey

An array of the PKPass objects that were added.

static let removedPassInfosUserInfoKey: PKPassLibraryNotificationKey

An array of dictionaries describing the passes that were removed.

static let replacementPassesUserInfoKey: PKPassLibraryNotificationKey

An array of the PKPass objects that were replaced.


See Also


static let PKPassLibraryDidChange: PKPassLibraryNotificationName

Posted after the pass library has been changed.

static let PKPassLibraryRemotePaymentPassesDidChange: PKPassLibraryNotificationName

Posted when an Apple Pay card is added to or removed from a device that is paired with the current iOS device (for example, Apple Watch).

struct PKPassLibraryNotificationName

Types of notifications issued by a pass library instance.

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