Type Method


Returns whether the user can make payments.


class func canMakePayments() -> Bool

Return Value

true if the device supports making payments; otherwise, false.


User may not be able to make payments for a variety of reasons. For example, this functionality may not be supported by their hardware, or it may be restricted by parental controls.

On devices that support making payments but don’t have any payment cards configured, the present(completion:) method returns true because the hardware and parental controls allow making payments, but the canMakePayments(usingNetworks:) method returns false regardless of network.

See Also

Determining Whether the User Can Make Payments

class func canMakePayments(usingNetworks: [PKPaymentNetwork]) -> Bool

Returns whether the user can make payments through the specified network.

class func canMakePayments(usingNetworks: [PKPaymentNetwork], capabilities: PKMerchantCapability) -> Bool

Returns whether the user can make payments using a card from the specified network with the specified capabilities.