Presents a sheet that prompts the user to authorize a payment request.


class PKPaymentAuthorizationController : NSObject


After the user authorizes the payment request for a transaction, the delegate is called with a payment token used to authorize the transaction’s payment.


Determining Whether the User Can Make Payments

class func canMakePayments() -> Bool

Returns whether the user can make payments.

class func canMakePayments(usingNetworks: [PKPaymentNetwork]) -> Bool

Returns whether the user can make payments through the specified network.

class func canMakePayments(usingNetworks: [PKPaymentNetwork], capabilities: PKMerchantCapability) -> Bool

Returns whether the user can make payments using a card from the specified network with the specified capabilities.

Handling User Interactions

protocol PKPaymentAuthorizationControllerDelegate

Methods that let you respond to user interactions with your payment authorization controller.

func present(completion: ((Bool) -> Void)?)

Presents the payment sheet modally over your app.

func dismiss(completion: (() -> Void)?)

Dismisses the payment sheet.

Creating a Payment Authorization Controller

init(paymentRequest: PKPaymentRequest)

Initializes and returns a payment authorization controller.


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Apple Pay Availability

class PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController

Prompts the user to authorize a payment request.

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