Methods that let you respond to user interactions with your payment authorization controller.


protocol PKPaymentAuthorizationControllerDelegate


The PKPaymentAuthorizationControllerDelegate protocol is implemented by the payment authorization controller’s delegate. You implement this protocol to respond to user interaction with that controller.

In most cases, the payment authorization controller automatically waits for its delegate to finish responding to one method before it calls other delegate methods. You indicate that the delegate is finished with the current method by calling that method’s completion block. This action tells the pay authorization controller to proceed with the next step in the authorization process.

There is one exception to this step-by-step procedure: The pay authorization controller calls the paymentAuthorizationControllerDidFinish(_:) method as soon as the user cancels a payment without authorizing. The controller can call this method at any time.


Handling User's Payment Method Selection

Handling User's Payment Authorization


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Handling User Interactions

func present(completion: ((Bool) -> Void)?)

Presents the payment sheet modally over your app.

func dismiss(completion: (() -> Void)?)

Dismisses the payment sheet.