Instance Property


A string, suitable for display, that describes the card.


var displayName: String? { get }


The display name enables a user to recognize a particular card from a list of cards.

For debit and credit cards, the display name often includes the card brand and the last four digits of the credit card number when available, for example: “Visa 1233”, “MasterCard 5678”, “AmEx 9876”. For Apple Pay Cash cards, the display name is “Apple Pay Cash”. However, there is no guarantee about the display name’s content or format.

To protect the user’s privacy, Apple Pay sets the display name only after the user authorizes the purchase. You can safely access this property as soon as the system calls your delegate’s paymentAuthorizationController(_:didAuthorizePayment:completion:) method.

See Also

Accessing Payment Method Data

var network: PKPaymentNetwork?

A string, suitable for display, that describes the payment network backing the card.

var type: PKPaymentMethodType

A value representing the card’s type.

var paymentPass: PKPaymentPass?

An associated payment pass, or nil.