Represents a provisioned payment card for in-app payments.


class PKPaymentPass : PKPass


Determining Activation State

var activationState: PKPaymentPassActivationState

The current activation state of the pass.

enum PKPaymentPassActivationState

Payment pass activation states.

Working with Accounts

var deviceAccountIdentifier: NSString?

The unique identifier for the device-specific account number.

var deviceAccountNumberSuffix: NSString?

A version of the device account number suitable for display in your UI.

var primaryAccountIdentifier: String

An opaque value that uniquely identifies the primary account number for the payment card.

var primaryAccountNumberSuffix: String

A version of the primary account number suitable for display in your UI.


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See Also

Payment Passes

class PKAddPaymentPassRequest

Contains the card data needed to add a card to Apple Pay.

class PKLabeledValue

An object that can represent a detail about a payment card or other item.

class PKAddPaymentPassRequestConfiguration

Contains the configuration data needed to instantiate a new PKAddPaymentPassViewController object.