Instance Property


The three-letter ISO 4217 currency code.


var currencyCode: String { get set }


Set this property to the three-letter code for the currency used by this payment request. Apple Pay interprets the amounts provided by the summary items attached to this request as amounts in this currency.

The framework translates the currency code from the alphabetic code to the corresponding numeric code. The numeric code is passed to the Secure Element and appears in the encrypted payment data. For more information on the Secure Element, see A Payment Token Is Created When a Payment Is Authorized in Apple Pay Programming Guide.

See Also

Setting Merchant Information

var merchantIdentifier: String

Your merchant identifier.

var merchantCapabilities: PKMerchantCapability

A bit field of the payment processing protocols and card types that you support.

struct PKMerchantCapability

Capabilities for processing payment.

var countryCode: String

The two-letter ISO 3166 country code.

var supportedCountries: Set<String>?

A list of ISO 3166 country codes to limit payments to cards from specific countries.