Base class for updating the payment request after the user makes changes on the payment sheet.


class PKPaymentRequestUpdate : NSObject


Creating a Payment Request Update

init(paymentSummaryItems: [PKPaymentSummaryItem])

Initialize a payment request update with the given list of summary items.

Updating Status and Summary Items

var status: PKPaymentAuthorizationStatus

The status of this payment request that indicates if authorization succeeded or failed.

enum PKPaymentAuthorizationStatus

General success and failure status for payment authorization.

var paymentSummaryItems: [PKPaymentSummaryItem]

The list of payment summary items for this instance.

class PKPaymentSummaryItem

Defines a summary item in a payment request—for example, total, tax, discount, or grand total.


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Payment Sheet Updates

class PKPaymentRequestPaymentMethodUpdate

Updates the payment request after the payment method changed.

class PKPaymentRequestShippingContactUpdate

Updates the payment request after the shipping contact information changed.

class PKPaymentRequestShippingMethodUpdate

Updates the payment request after the shipping method changed.