Defines a summary item in a payment request—for example, total, tax, discount, or grand total.


class PKPaymentSummaryItem : NSObject


For shipping cost, use the PKShippingMethod subclass.


Creating Summary Items

init(label: String, amount: NSDecimalNumber)

Initializes and returns a summary item with the given label and amount.

init(label: String, amount: NSDecimalNumber, type: PKPaymentSummaryItemType)

Initializes and returns a summary item with the given label, amount, and type.

Describing Summary Items

var label: String

A short, localized description of the item.

var amount: NSDecimalNumber

The summary item’s amount.

var type: PKPaymentSummaryItemType

The summary item’s type indicating whether or not the amount is final.

enum PKPaymentSummaryItemType

Constants that describe the type of the payment summary item, such as final or pending.


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Setting the Payment Summary Items

var paymentSummaryItems: [PKPaymentSummaryItem]

An array of payment summary item objects that summarize the amount of the payment.