Complete list of valid shipping types.


enum PKShippingType : UInt



case shipping

Shipping the purchase to the provided address using a third-party shipping company. This is the default shipping type.

case delivery

Delivering the purchase by the seller (for example, pizza, flower, or furniture delivery).

case storePickup

Store pickup of the purchase from the seller’s store.

case servicePickup

Picking up an item from the provided address by the service (for example, transportation or shipping services that provide home pickup).

See Also

Setting the Shipping Methods and Types

var shippingMethods: [PKShippingMethod]?

An array of PKShippingMethod objects that describe the supported shipping methods.

class PKShippingMethod

Defines a shipping method for delivering physical goods.

var shippingType: PKShippingType

The type of shipping used by this request.