The properties of a transit pass.


class PKTransitPassProperties : NSObject


Initializing Pass Properties

init?(for: PKPass)

Instantiates a transit pass properties object that contains the properties supported in the specified pass.

Getting Pass Status

var expirationDate: Date?

The date that the transit card expires.

var isBlacklisted: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the transit pass issuer disabled the pass.

var isInStation: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the transit pass has tapped in at a station and has not tapped out.

Getting Balance Information

var transitBalance: NSDecimalNumber

The current usable stored value on the transit card.

var transitBalanceCurrencyCode: String

The currency code associated with the balance on the pass.


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See Also


class PKPass

An object that represents a single pass.

class PKPassLibrary

Provides an interface to the user’s library of passes.

class PKSuicaPassProperties

The properties of a Suica pass.

class PKObject

An opaque type that acts as the superclass for the PKPass class.

Supporting Semantic Tags in Wallet Passes

Allow the system to offer Wallet passes to users intelligently by adding machine-readable metadata.