Manage payment cards, boarding passes, tickets, gift cards, and other passes in the Wallet app.


Wallet Availability

class PKAddPassesViewController

Lets your app show a pass and prompt the user to add that pass to the pass library.

class PKAddPaymentPassViewController

Displays an interface that lets users add cards to Apple Pay from within your app.


class PKPass

An object that represents a single pass.

class PKPassLibrary

Provides an interface to the user’s library of passes.

class PKTransitPassProperties

The properties of a transit pass.

class PKSuicaPassProperties

The properties of a Suica pass.

class PKObject

An opaque type that acts as the superclass for the PKPass class.

Supporting Semantic Tags in Wallet Passes

Allow the system to offer Wallet passes to users intelligently by adding machine-readable metadata.

Payment Passes

class PKPaymentPass

Represents a provisioned payment card for in-app payments.

class PKAddPaymentPassRequest

Contains the card data needed to add a card to Apple Pay.

class PKLabeledValue

An object that can represent a detail about a payment card or other item.

class PKAddPaymentPassRequestConfiguration

Contains the configuration data needed to instantiate a new PKAddPaymentPassViewController object.

Pass Buttons

class PKAddPassButton

Provides a button that enables users to add passes to Wallet.


struct PKPassKitError

Errors used by the PassKit framework.

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