Deprecated Annotations

These symbols are deprecated and should no longer be used.


Annotation Types

class PDFAnnotationButtonWidget

A PDFAnnotationButtonWidget object provides user interactivity on a page of a PDF document. There are three types of buttons available: push button, radio button, and checkbox.

class PDFAnnotationChoiceWidget

A PDFAnnotationChoiceWidget object provides user interactivity on a page of a PDF document, in the form of pop-up menus and lists.

class PDFAnnotationFreeText

A PDFAnnotationFreeText object displays text on a page.

class PDFAnnotationLine

A PDFAnnotationLine object displays a single line on a page.

class PDFAnnotationMarkup

A PDFAnnotationMarkup object appears as highlighting, underlining, or a strikethrough style applied to the text of a document.

class PDFAnnotationPopup

A PDFAnnotationPopup object provides user interactivity on a PDF page in the form of a pop-up menu.

class PDFAnnotationStamp

A PDFAnnotationStamp object allows you to display a word or phrase, such as “Confidential,“ in a PDF page.

class PDFAnnotationText

A PDFAnnotationText object displays as an icon (such as a “sticky note”) attached to a specified point in the PDF document.

class PDFAnnotationTextWidget

A PDFAnnotationTextWidget object allows you to manage the appearance and content of text fields.

See Also


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Add text, button, and choice widgets to a PDF document.

Adding Custom Graphics to a PDF

Create and add custom annotation and page graphics to your PDF document.

Custom Graphics

Demonstrates adding a watermark to a PDF page.

PDF Widgets

Demonstrates adding widgets—interactive form elements—to a PDF document.

class PDFAnnotation

An annotation in a PDF document.

class PDFAction

An action that is performed when, for example, a PDF annotation is activated or an outline item is clicked.

class PDFDestination

A PDFDestination object describes a point on a PDF page.

class PDFBorder

An optional border for an annotation, drawn completely within the annotation rectangle.