Instance Property


Returns the textual content (if any) associated with the annotation.


var contents: String? { get set }

Return Value

A string representing the textual content associated with the annotation.


Textual content is typically associated with PDFAnnotationText and PDFAnnotationFreeText annotations.

See Also

Accessing Information About an Annotation

var page: PDFPage?

Returns the page that the annotation is associated with.

var modificationDate: Date?

Returns the modification date of the annotation.

var userName: String?

Returns the name of the user who created the annotation.

var popup: PDFAnnotation?

Returns the pop-up annotation associated with an annotation.

var mouseUpAction: PDFAction?

Sets the action performed when a user releases the mouse button within an annotation.

var type: String?

Returns the type of the annotation.

var toolTip: String?

Returns text for display as a help tag.