Instance Property


Returns the type of the annotation.


var type: String? { get set }

Return Value

The type of the annotation. Types include Line, Link, Text, and so on, referring to the PDFAnnotation subclasses. In the Adobe PDF Specification, this attribute is called Subtype, and the common “type” for all annotations in the PDF Specification is Annot.

See Also

Accessing Information About an Annotation

var page: PDFPage?

Returns the page that the annotation is associated with.

var modificationDate: Date?

Returns the modification date of the annotation.

var userName: String?

Returns the name of the user who created the annotation.

var popup: PDFAnnotation?

Returns the pop-up annotation associated with an annotation.

var mouseUpAction: PDFAction?

Sets the action performed when a user releases the mouse button within an annotation.

var contents: String?

Returns the textual content (if any) associated with the annotation.

var toolTip: String?

Returns text for display as a help tag.