A PDFDestination object describes a point on a PDF page.


class PDFDestination : NSObject


In typical usage, you do not initialize PDFDestination objects but rather get them as either attributes of PDFAnnotationLink or PDFOutline objects, or in response to the PDFView method currentDestination.


Initializing a Destination

init(page: PDFPage, at: CGPoint)

Initializes the destination.

Getting Pages and Points

var page: PDFPage?

Returns the page that the destination refers to.

var point: CGPoint

Returns the point, in page space, that the destination refers to.

Getting a Relative Location

func compare(PDFDestination) -> ComparisonResult

Returns a comparison result that indicates the location of the destination in the document, relative to the current position.

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Deprecated Annotations

These symbols are deprecated and should no longer be used.