The delegate for the PDFDocument object.


protocol PDFDocumentDelegate


Managing Document Security

func documentDidUnlock(Notification)

Called when the PDFDocumentDidUnlockNotification notification is posted.

Getting Document Search Notifications

func didMatchString(PDFSelection)

Called for every match found during a find operation.

func documentDidBeginDocumentFind(Notification)

Called when the PDFDocumentDidBeginFindNotification notification is posted.

func documentDidBeginPageFind(Notification)

Called when the PDFDocumentDidBeginPageFindNotification notification is posted.

func documentDidEndDocumentFind(Notification)

Called when the PDFDocumentDidEndFindNotification notification is posted.

func documentDidEndPageFind(Notification)

Called when the PDFDocumentDidEndPageFindNotification notification is posted.

func documentDidFindMatch(Notification)

Called when the PDFDocumentDidFindMatchNotification notification is posted.

Wrapping Document Elements

func classForPage() -> AnyClass

Returns a PDFPage subclass for a page object.

func `class`(forAnnotationClass: AnyClass) -> AnyClass

Returns a PDFAnnotation subclass for a class.

func `class`(forAnnotationType: String) -> AnyClass

Returns a PDFAnnotation subclass for an annotation type.


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Setting the Delegate

var delegate: PDFDocumentDelegate?

The object acting as the delegate for the PDFDocument object.