A PDFOutline object is an element in a tree-structured hierarchy that can represent the structure of a PDF document.


class PDFOutline : NSObject


An outline is an optional component of a PDF document, useful for viewing the structure of the document and for navigating within it.

Outlines are created by the document’s author. If you represent a PDF document outline using outline objects, the root of the hierarchy is obtained from the PDF document itself. This root outline is not visible and serves merely as a container for the visible outlines.


Initializing an Outline


Initializes a PDFOutline object.

Getting Information About an Outline

var document: PDFDocument?

Returns the document with which the outline is associated.

var numberOfChildren: Int

Returns the number of child outline objects in the outline.

var parent: PDFOutline?

Returns the parent outline object of the outline (returns NULL if called on the root outline object).

func child(at: Int) -> PDFOutline?

Returns the child outline object at the specified index.

var index: Int

Returns the index of the outline.

Managing Outline Labels

var label: String?

Returns the label for the outline.

Managing Actions and Destinations

var destination: PDFDestination?

Returns the destination associated with the outline.

var action: PDFAction?

Returns the action performed when users click the outline.

Changing an Outline Hierarchy

func insertChild(PDFOutline, at: Int)

Inserts the specified outline object at the specified index.

func removeFromParent()

Removes the outline object from its parent (does nothing if outline object is the root outline object).

Managing the Disclosure of an Outline Object

var isOpen: Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the outline object is initially disclosed.


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