Instance Method


Draw and render a visible page.


- (void)drawPage:(PDFPage *)page;


Do not invoke this method, except by invoking it on super from a subclass.

The PDFView class calls drawPage: as necessary for each visible page that requires rendering. In the PDFView class, this method erases page to white, calls [page drawInRect: pageRect withBox: [self displayBox]] , and then draws the selection, if any.

You can override this method to draw on top of a PDF page or to control how pages are drawn. In these cases, invoke this method on super and then perform custom drawing on top of the PDF page.

See Also

Rendering the View and Printing

- drawPagePost:

Perform post-page rendering.

- printWithInfo:autoRotate:

Prints the document with the specified printer information.

- printWithInfo:autoRotate:pageScaling:

Prints the document with the specified printer and page-scaling information.