Instance Method


Returns the size needed to display a row of the current document page.


iOS, Mac Catalyst
func rowSize(for page: PDFPage) -> CGSize
func rowSize(for page: PDFPage) -> NSSize


The size is dependent on the current scale factor and display attributes.

See Also

Scaling the View

var scaleFactor: CGFloat

The current scale factor for the view.

var scaleFactorForSizeToFit: CGFloat

The "size to fit" scale factor that autoScales would use for scaling the current document and layout.

var maxScaleFactor: CGFloat

The maximum scaling factor for the PDF document.

var minScaleFactor: CGFloat

The minimum scaling factor for the PDF document.

var autoScales: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether autoscaling is set.

Zoom Operations

Zoom operations for a PDF View.