Instance Method


Prints the document with the specified printer and page-scaling information.


func print(with printInfo: NSPrintInfo, autoRotate doRotate: Bool, pageScaling scale: PDFPrintScalingMode)


If pageScaling is set to kPDFPrintPageScaleToFit, each page is scaled up or down to best fit the paper size. If pageScaling is set to kPDFPrintPageScaleDownToFit, only large pages are scaled down to fit; small pages are not scaled up to fit. Specifying kPDFPrintPageScaleNone for pageScaling is equivalent to calling print(with:autoRotate:). See PDFDocument for more information on page-scaling types.

See Also

Rendering the View and Printing

func draw(PDFPage)

Draw and render a visible page.

func drawPagePost(PDFPage)

Perform post-page rendering.

func print(with: NSPrintInfo, autoRotate: Bool)

Prints the document with the specified printer information.