Graphics Properties

Operations to define the background color, antialiasing, and greeking for a PDF view.


Setting Background Color

func takeBackgroundColorFrom(Any)

Sets the view’s background color to the specified color.

var backgroundColor: UIColor

The view’s background color.


var shouldAntiAlias: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the view is antialiased.

var interpolationQuality: PDFInterpolationQuality

The interpolation quality for images drawn into the PDFView context.

enum PDFInterpolationQuality

A wrapper for the specified interpolation quality.


var greekingThreshold: CGFloat

Returns the current greeking threshold for the view.


See Also

Working with Display Modes and Characteristics

var displayMode: PDFDisplayMode

The current display mode.

enum PDFDisplayMode

A wrapper for the chosen display mode constant.

Additional Display Configurations

Operations for setting up page breaks, a display box, and display direction.

Book Display

Operations to setup a book display for a PDF view.