Methods you use to track editing-related changes in a canvas view.


protocol PKCanvasViewDelegate


Implement the methods of the PKCanvasViewDelegate protocol to monitor drawing-related events happening in a PKCanvasView object. Specifically, determine the start and end-of-event sequences using the currently selected tool, and determine when those events affect the drawn content.


Responding to Drawing-Related Changes

func canvasViewDrawingDidChange(PKCanvasView)

Tells the delegate that the contents of the current drawing changed.

func canvasViewDidFinishRendering(PKCanvasView)

Tells the delegate that the previously drawn content is ready to display.

Responding to New Event Sequences

func canvasViewDidBeginUsingTool(PKCanvasView)

Tells the delegate that the user began a new drawing sequence using the current tool.

func canvasViewDidEndUsingTool(PKCanvasView)

Tells the delegate that the user ended a drawing sequence involving the current tool.


See Also

Responding to Drawing-Related Changes

var delegate: PKCanvasViewDelegate?

The object you use to respond to changes in the drawn content or in the selected tool.