Type Method


Retrieves assets with the specified burst photo sequence identifier.


class func fetchAssets(withBurstIdentifier burstIdentifier: String, options: PHFetchOptions?) -> PHFetchResult<PHAsset>



A burst identifier string, as provided by the burstIdentifier property of an asset.


Options that specify a filter predicate and sort order for the fetched assets, or nil to use default options. For details, see PHFetchOptions.

Return Value

A fetch result that contains the requested PHAsset objects, or an empty fetch result if no objects match the request.


A burst photo sequence, as seen in the Photos app, corresponds to a group of Photos assets that share the same burstIdentifier string.

By default, the returned PHFetchResult object contains only the representative asset and any user-picked photos from the burst sequence. To retrieve all photos in the burst sequence, provide a PHFetchOptions object containing a filter predicate.

See Also

Fetching Assets

Fetching Assets

Retrieve asset metadata or request full asset content.

class func fetchAssets(withLocalIdentifiers: [String], options: PHFetchOptions?) -> PHFetchResult<PHAsset>

Retrieves assets with the specified local-device-specific unique identifiers.

class func fetchKeyAssets(in: PHAssetCollection, options: PHFetchOptions?) -> PHFetchResult<PHAsset>?

Retrieves assets marked as key assets in the specified asset collection.

class func fetchAssets(with: PHFetchOptions?) -> PHFetchResult<PHAsset>

Retrieves all assets matching the specified options.

class func fetchAssets(withALAssetURLs: [URL], options: PHFetchOptions?) -> PHFetchResult<PHAsset>

Retrieves assets using URLs provided by the Assets Library framework.