Type Method


Retrieves assets with the specified local-device-specific unique identifiers.


+ (PHFetchResult<PHAsset *> *)fetchAssetsWithLocalIdentifiers:(NSArray<NSString *> *)identifiers options:(PHFetchOptions *)options;



An array of NSString objects, each the localIdentifier string of an asset.


Options that specify a filter predicate and sort order for the fetched assets, or nil to use default options. For details, see PHFetchOptions.

Return Value

A fetch result that contains the requested PHAsset objects, or an empty fetch result if no objects match the request.

See Also

Fetching Assets

Fetching Assets

Retrieve asset metadata or request full asset content.

+ fetchAssetsInAssetCollection:options:

Retrieves assets from the specified asset collection.

+ fetchAssetsWithMediaType:options:

Retrieves assets with the specified media type.

+ fetchKeyAssetsInAssetCollection:options:

Retrieves assets marked as key assets in the specified asset collection.

+ fetchAssetsWithOptions:

Retrieves all assets matching the specified options.

+ fetchAssetsWithBurstIdentifier:options:

Retrieves assets with the specified burst photo sequence identifier.

+ fetchAssetsWithALAssetURLs:options:

Retrieves assets using URLs provided by the Assets Library framework.


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