Instance Property


The unique identifier for the asset object this resource is associated with.


var assetLocalIdentifier: String { get }


This property’s value corresponds to the localIdentifier property of the PHAsset object that owns this asset resource. If you’ve obtained an asset resource without a reference to its owning asset, use the fetchAssets(withLocalIdentifiers:options:) method with this identifier to retrieve the correct PHAsset object.

See Also

Examining an Asset Resource

var type: PHAssetResourceType

The relationship of this asset resource to its owning asset.

enum PHAssetResourceType

Values identifying the relationship of an asset resource to its owning asset; used by the type property.

var uniformTypeIdentifier: String

The uniform type identifier for the asset resource’s image or video data.

var originalFilename: String

The original filename of the asset resource from when it was created or imported.