A resource manager for the data storage underlying a Photos asset.


class PHAssetResourceManager : NSObject


An asset can have multiple underlying data resources—for example, both original and edited versions—each of which is represented by a PHAssetResource object. Unlike the PHImageManager class, which provides and caches the primary representations of assets as thumbnails, image objects, or video objects, the asset resource manager provides direct access to these underlying data resources.


Getting the Asset Resource Manager

class func `default`() -> PHAssetResourceManager

Returns the shared asset resource manager object.

Requesting Resources


typealias PHAssetResourceDataRequestID

A numeric identifier for an asynchronous asset resource loading request.

Resource Loading Request Identifiers

Special values for the PHAssetResourceDataRequestID identifier that are returned by asynchronous requests.


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See Also

Asset Resource Management

class PHAssetResource

An underlying data resource associated with a photo, video, or Live Photo asset in the Photos library.

class PHAssetCreationRequest

A request to create a new Photos asset from underlying data resources, for use in a photo library change block.

class PHAssetResourceCreationOptions

A set of options affecting the creation of a new Photos asset from underlying resources.

class PHAssetResourceRequestOptions

A set of options affecting the delivery of underlying asset data that you request from the asset resource manager.