A set of options affecting the delivery of underlying asset data that you request from the asset resource manager.


class PHAssetResourceRequestOptions : NSObject


You use this class when requesting the underlying data for photo, video, and Live Photo asset resources from a PHAssetResourceManager object.


Fetching Resource Data from iCloud

var isNetworkAccessAllowed: Bool

A Boolean value that specifies whether Photos can download the requested asset resource data from iCloud.

var progressHandler: PHAssetResourceProgressHandler?

A block that Photos calls periodically while downloading the asset resource data.

typealias PHAssetResourceProgressHandler

The signature for a block that Photos calls while downloading asset resource data from iCloud. Used by the progressHandler property.


Inherits From

See Also

Asset Resource Management

class PHAssetResource

An underlying data resource associated with a photo, video, or Live Photo asset in the Photos library.

class PHAssetCreationRequest

A request to create a new Photos asset from underlying data resources, for use in a photo library change block.

class PHAssetResourceCreationOptions

A set of options affecting the creation of a new Photos asset from underlying resources.

class PHAssetResourceManager

A resource manager for the data storage underlying a Photos asset.