Instance Property


The names of locations grouped by the collection (an array of NSString objects).


var localizedLocationNames: [String] { get }


For a collection list representing a group of moments, as seen in the Collections view in the Photos app, this property lists the location names associated with each moment in the group. For other types of collection list, this property’s value is nil.

See Also

Reading Collection List Metadata

var collectionListType: PHCollectionListType

The type of asset collection group that the collection list represents.

enum PHCollectionListType

Major distinctions between kinds of collection list, used by the collectionListType property and fetchCollectionLists(with:subtype:options:) method.

var collectionListSubtype: PHCollectionListSubtype

The type of asset collection grouping the collection list represents.

var startDate: Date?

The earliest creation date among all assets in the collection list.

var endDate: Date?

The latest creation date among all assets in the collection list.

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