Type Method


Retrieves collection lists of the specified moment list type containing the specified moment.


class func fetchMomentLists(with momentListSubtype: PHCollectionListSubtype, containingMoment moment: PHAssetCollection, options: PHFetchOptions?) -> PHFetchResult<PHCollectionList>



An asset collection whose type is PHAssetCollectionType.moment.


Options that specify a filter predicate and sort order for the fetched collection lists, or nil to use default options. For details, see PHFetchOptions.

Return Value

A fetch result that contains the requested PHCollectionList objects, or an empty fetch result if no objects match the request.


The Photos app automatically creates moments to group assets by time and location, and also creates moment lists to group related moments. Moment lists have two subtypes: a moment cluster groups a few related moments, and a moment year groups all moments in a calendar year.

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