Instance Property


The location information that was saved with the asset.


@NSCopying var location: CLLocation? { get }


Typically, an asset’s location metadata identifies the place where the asset was captured.

See Also

Getting Information About the Asset

var mediaType: PHAssetMediaType

The type of the asset, such as video or audio.

enum PHAssetMediaType

Constants identifying the general type of an asset, such as image or video.

var mediaSubtypes: PHAssetMediaSubtype

The subtypes of the asset, identifying special kinds of assets such as a panoramic photo or a high-frame-rate video.

struct PHAssetMediaSubtype

Constants identifying specific variations of asset media, such as panorama or screenshot photos and time lapse or high frame rate video.

var creationDate: Date?

The date and time when the asset was originally created.

var uniformTypeIdentifier: String?

The uniform type identifier for the asset’s image or video data.