Instance Property


The URL to a file that contains the full-sized image data.


var fullSizeImageURL: URL? { get }


Typically, your app or extension does not need to load a full-sized image for use in an editing UI. Instead, use the displaySizeImage property to retrieve an image suitable for screen display. You can then load the full-sized image on a background queue so that it will be ready by the time the user finishes editing the display-size image. At that time, apply the user’s adjustments to the full-sized image and then use the PHContentEditingOutput class to commit the edit to the photo library.

See Also

Working with Photo Assets

var displaySizeImage: UIImage?

An image of the asset’s contents, appropriately sized for display.

var fullSizeImageOrientation: Int32

The Exif display orientation of the full-size image file.