A set of options affecting the delivery of image or video data when you request to edit the content of a Photos asset.


class PHContentEditingInputRequestOptions : NSObject


You use the PHContentEditingInputRequestOptions class with the requestContentEditingInput(with:completionHandler:) method for editing the contents of a PHAsset object.

This class does not affect photo editing extensions.


Specifying Edting Request Options

var canHandleAdjustmentData: (PHAdjustmentData) -> Bool

A block to be called when Photos needs to determine whether your app can continue previous edits made to an asset.

Fetching Asset Data from iCloud

var isNetworkAccessAllowed: Bool

A Boolean value that specifies whether Photos can download the requested asset from iCloud if needed.

var progressHandler: ((Double, UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool>) -> Void)?

A block Photos calls periodically while downloading the asset.


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Editing an Asset

Editing Asset Content

Make a request to modify and save a photo or video asset.

class PHContentEditingInput

A container that provides information about and access to the image, video, or Live Photo content of an asset to be edited.

class PHContentEditingOutput

A container to which you provide the results of editing the photo, video, or Live Photo content of a Photos asset.

class PHAdjustmentData

A description of the edits made to an asset's photo, video, or Live Photo content, which allows your app to reconstruct or revert the effects of prior editing sessions.

class PHLivePhotoEditingContext

An editing session for modifying the photo, video, and audio content of a Live Photo.

protocol PHLivePhotoFrame

A container that provides image content for a single frame of a Live Photo in an editing context.

func canPerform(PHAssetEditOperation) -> Bool

Returns whether the asset supports the specified editing operation.

enum PHAssetEditOperation

Values identifying possible actions an asset can support, used by the canPerform(_:) method.

func cancelContentEditingInputRequest(PHContentEditingInputRequestID)

Cancels a request for editing the asset’s content.

typealias PHContentEditingInputRequestID

An identifier for an asset content editing session.

Editing Request Info Keys

Keys indicating the status of an asset content editing request, used in the completion handler of the requestContentEditingInput(with:completionHandler:) method.