Instance Property


A Boolean value that determines whether the fetch result includes all assets from burst photo sequences.


var includeAllBurstAssets: Bool { get set }


When the user takes a sequence of photos in burst mode with the Camera app (on supported devices), the Photos app user interface groups the resulting assets together and allows the user to select favorite members of the sequence. Photos also automatically marks members of the sequence as potential user favorites.

If the value is false (the default), fetches that include burst photo sequences return only the user-picked members and representative asset of each sequence. If the value istrue, such fetches include all assets in each sequence.

See Also

Limiting Fetch Results

var fetchLimit: Int

The maximum number of objects to include in the fetch result.

var includeHiddenAssets: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the fetch result includes assets marked as hidden.

var includeAssetSourceTypes: PHAssetSourceType

The set of source types for which to include assets in the fetch result.

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