Returns the object located at the specified index.


subscript(idx: Int) -> ObjectType { get }



An index within the bounds of the fetch result.

Return Value

The object located at index in the fetch result.


Raises an exception (rangeException) if idx is beyond the end of the fetch result (that is, greater than or equal to the value of the count property).

This method behaves identically to the object(at:) method and allows you to access a fetch result using Objective-C subscript syntax. That is, the two statements below produce the same result:

NSLog(@"First object: %@", [fetchResult objectAtIndex:0]);
NSLog(@"First object: %@", fetchResult[0]);

See Also

Querying a Fetch Result

func contains(ObjectType) -> Bool

Returns whether the specified object is present in the fetch result.

var count: Int

The number of objects in the fetch result.

func countOfAssets(with: PHAssetMediaType) -> Int

Returns the number of assets in the fetch result of a specified type.

var firstObject: ObjectType?

The first object in the fetch result.

var lastObject: ObjectType?

The last object in the fetch result.

func object(at: Int) -> ObjectType

Returns the object located at the specified index.

func objects(at: IndexSet) -> [ObjectType]

Returns an array containing the objects in the fetch result at the indexes in the specified index set.

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