Instance Property


The version of the image to be requested.


var version: PHImageRequestOptionsVersion { get set }


Use this property to request a version of the image with or without adjustments, or to request high-quality original data (for example, a RAW file) if such is available. See PHImageRequestOptionsVersion.

See Also

Specifying Image Request Options

enum PHImageRequestOptionsVersion

Options for requesting an image asset with or without adjustments, used by the version property.

var deliveryMode: PHImageRequestOptionsDeliveryMode

The requested image quality and delivery priority.

enum PHImageRequestOptionsDeliveryMode

Options for delivering requested image data, used by the deliveryMode property.

var resizeMode: PHImageRequestOptionsResizeMode

A mode that specifies how to resize the requested image.

enum PHImageRequestOptionsResizeMode

Options for how to resize the requested image to fit a target size, used by the resizeMode property.

var normalizedCropRect: CGRect

A rectangle for requesting a cropped version of the original image.