Options for delivering requested image data, used by the deliveryMode property.


enum PHImageRequestOptionsDeliveryMode : Int



case opportunistic

Photos automatically provides one or more results in order to balance image quality and responsiveness.

case highQualityFormat

Photos provides only the highest-quality image available, regardless of how much time it takes to load.

case fastFormat

Photos provides only a fast-loading image, possibly sacrificing image quality.

See Also

Specifying Image Request Options

var version: PHImageRequestOptionsVersion

The version of the image to be requested.

enum PHImageRequestOptionsVersion

Options for requesting an image asset with or without adjustments, used by the version property.

var deliveryMode: PHImageRequestOptionsDeliveryMode

The requested image quality and delivery priority.

var resizeMode: PHImageRequestOptionsResizeMode

A mode that specifies how to resize the requested image.

enum PHImageRequestOptionsResizeMode

Options for how to resize the requested image to fit a target size, used by the resizeMode property.

var normalizedCropRect: CGRect

A rectangle for requesting a cropped version of the original image.

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