Instance Method


Processes a Live Photo with your edits for viewing.


func prepareLivePhotoForPlayback(withTargetSize targetSize: CGSize, options: [String : Any]? = nil, completionHandler handler: @escaping (PHLivePhoto?, Error?) -> Void)



The size of the view in which you plan to preview the edited Live Photo output.


Options that affect Live Photo rendering. See Live Photo Processing Options.


A block that Photos calls on the main queue after processing is complete. The block takes the following parameters:


The rendered Live Photo, suitable for displaying in a PHLivePhotoView object.


If preparing the edited Live Photo for display succeeds, this parameter is nil. If processing fails, the livePhoto parameter is nil, and this parameter contains an error object describing the failure.


Use this method to generate preview versions of the edited Live Photo—for example, to display in your editing UI.

See Also

Processing an Editing Context’s Live Photo

func saveLivePhoto(to: PHContentEditingOutput, options: [String : Any]?, completionHandler: (Bool, Error?) -> Void)

Processes and saves a full-quality Live Photo as the output of your editing session.

struct PHLivePhotoEditingOption

Keys for the options dictionary used with the methods listed in Processing an Editing Context’s Live Photo.

func cancel()

Aborts any Live Photo processing in progress.