Instance Method


Creates a Live Photo editing context for the specified editing input.


- (instancetype)initWithLivePhotoEditingInput:(PHContentEditingInput *)livePhotoInput;



A content editing input object representing the Live Photo for which to perform editing.

Return Value

A new Live Photo editing context, or nil if the provided content editing input does not represent a Live Photo.


In an app using the Photos framework, you obtain a PHContentEditingInput object by calling requestContentEditingInputWithOptions:completionHandler: method of a PHAsset object that you’ve previously fetched.

In a photo editing extension that runs within the Photos app, your extension’s main view controller (which adopts the PHContentEditingController protocol) receives a PHContentEditingInput object when the user chooses to edit a Live Photo with your extension.

You can create a Live Photo editing context only from PHContentEditingInput object that represents a Live Photo. Use the livePhoto property of the editing input to verify that it has live Photo content.