Type Method


Returns an icon image for the specified Live Photo semantic options.


class func livePhotoBadgeImage(options badgeOptions: PHLivePhotoBadgeOptions = []) -> UIImage



A set of options identifying the semantic context for a Live Photo indicator to be used in your app’s user interface. See PHLivePhotoBadgeOptions.

Return Value

The icon image for the specified options.


Use this method to obtain icon images for use in interface elements that complement Live Photos. For example, you can use icons obtained from this method in a custom asset browser UI to indicate which assets are Live Photos as opposed to normal still photos, or to indicate when the user has chosen to share a Live Photo with or without its motion and sound content.

By default, this method returns a solid-color image suitable for use as a template image that you can tint for display against a specific background. (Use the UIImage class to create template images.) When you plan to overlay the icon over animating Live Photo content, add the overContent option to obtain an image (not suitable for template use) that provides extra background contrast.

See Also

Accessing User Interface Icons for Live Photos

var livePhotoBadgeView: NSView?

A view for displaying Live Photo status.