The superclass for all element objects.


class PHProjectElement : NSObject


You should never use this class directly; opt instead for one of its subclasses. It defines the shared properties of any element in an instance of PHProjectSectionContent.


Subclassing Project Elements

class PHProjectAssetElement

An element that represents a media asset within project section content.

class PHProjectTextElement

An element that represents text within project section content.

class PHProjectJournalEntryElement

An element that represents a journal entry within project section content.

class PHProjectMapElement

An element that represents a map within project section content.

Describing Project Elements

var weight: Double

A value between 0 and 1 representing relative significance of the element in its section.

var placement: CGRect

A rectangle defining where an element is placed in grid space coordinates.


Inherits From

See Also

macOS Photos Project Extensions

Creating a Slideshow Project Extension for Photos

Augment the macOS Photos app with extensions that support project creation.

class PHProject

A representation of a Photos app project extension.

class PHProjectInfo

Information about the project extension.

class PHProjectExtensionContext

An object that provides Photos project extensions with access to the underlying project, as well as to the user's photo library for editing.

class PHProjectSection

A collection of content representing curated asset and text elements.

class PHProjectRegionOfInterest

A representation of a region of interest in a photo asset.

class PHProjectChangeRequest

A request to change asset data in a Photos project extension.

protocol PHProjectExtensionController

A protocol defining the life cycle and supported types of project extensions.

class PHCloudIdentifier

A cloud identifier for a Photos project extension.

struct PHProjectCategory

A representation of Photos project extension categories.