A collection of content representing curated asset and text elements.


class PHProjectSection : NSObject


Each project section contains at least one PHProjectSectionContent object, which represents a suggested curation of the content. The number of sections included in PHProjectInfo varies depending on the source used to initialize the project:

  • A Memory. There will be one cover section with a key asset element and title, as well as a section containing multiple levels of curation, mirroring the Show Summary and Show More options of the Memory in Photos.

  • A single Album. The number of sections depends on the Album size. A small Album yields a single section, but an Album with a large quantity of photos is broken down into sections based on Moments in the user's Photo Library.

  • An existing Apple Book, Card, or Calendar. The sections will match the pagination in that project; for example, a book will break down into one section per page.


Determining Section Contents

var title: String

The optional section title.

var sectionContents: [PHProjectSectionContent]

An array containing PHProjectionSessionContent objects.

class PHProjectSectionContent

An object containing section elements and layout information for a single level of curation.

Defining Section Type

var sectionType: PHProjectSection.SectionType

The intended usage of the section: cover, content, or auxiliary.

enum PHProjectSection.SectionType

The intended usage of the section: cover, content, or auxiliary.


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See Also

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