An object containing section elements and layout information for a single level of curation.


class PHProjectSectionContent : NSObject


A section content object contains suggested layout information for every element at a specific level of curation within a PHProjectSection. A single section can provide multiple content objects, but only one is used at a time, depending on the level of curation and the amount of content detail.


Determining Content Properties

var elements: [PHProjectElement]

An array of asset, text, or journal entry elements contained in the content.

var numberOfColumns: Int

The number of columns if section content is displayed in a grid layout.

var aspectRatio: Double

The aspect ratio of the full content layout, defined as width over height.

var cloudAssetIdentifiers: [PHCloudIdentifier]

An array containing all cloud asset identifiers referenced in the content.

var backgroundColor: NSColor?

The background color of the section content when created from an Apple Print Product.


Inherits From

See Also

Determining Section Contents

var title: String

The optional section title.

var sectionContents: [PHProjectSectionContent]

An array containing PHProjectionSessionContent objects.