The type descriptor of a project extension.


struct PHProjectType


Initializing a Project Type


Initializes a project type from a string.

init(rawValue: String)

Initializes a project type from its raw string value.

Defining a Project Type

static let undefined: PHProjectType

An undefined project type.


See Also

Determining Project Type

var projectType: PHProjectType

The project type that the user selected from the project extension options.

var creationSource: PHProjectInfo.CreationSource

The source from which the project was created.

var sections: [PHProjectSection]

An array of project sections, each containing one or more section content objects.

class PHProjectTypeDescription

An extensible enumerator for PHProjectType that's presented to users in the project picker.

protocol PHProjectTypeDescriptionDataSource

A protocol that you use to provide the project with type description data.

protocol PHProjectTypeDescriptionInvalidator

A protocol that you use to tell the project when and how to invalidate type and footer text.

enum PHProjectInfo.CreationSource

Defines the source of a project extension.